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Year 6

STEM Sisters

The whole of year 6 were treated to a very special afternoon showing of 'STEM Sisters' at the Mitchell Arts Theatre in Hanley. The children had a fantastic time learning about inspirational and pioneering female scientists and absolutely loved the puppet show!

Excellent Engineering!

Year 6 took part in an engineering careers workshop delivered by local engineer, Greg Howell. Greg taught the children how to create accurate blueprints using Lego pieces. Once the designs were sketched out, Greg had to test their accuracy by attempting to make them!

Fascinating Forensics!

The children at Curiosity Club have been learning all about forensic science over the last few weeks. Here they are dusting for fingerprints and getting to grips with chromatography!

International Women and Girls in Science Day 2022

We recently celebrated International Women and Girls in Science Day 2022 by researching a range of female scientists who changed the world. Here are some fantastic examples of what we found out!

Decades of Change

As an introduction to our new topic, "Decade of Change", the children were tasked with creating an accurate timeline of events from 1900-1950 using cubes to represent each year. The children then added the important dates and events directly into the tables using whiteboard pen (which, thankfully, does wuipe straight off!)

Abstract Art!

6EM created their own abstract art based on the work of Wassily Kandinsky. We used different types of music to inspire our artwork. Have a look at some of our creations!

Science week

For science week this year, 6EM designed their own rubber band and eco racers. We had lots of fun putting the cars together and racing them to see which ones went further and which ones were the quickest.

Assembly 27th January 2021

A whole school assembly with a special message from Mrs Wickham

Purple Mash for Parents | A Quick Home Learning Guide | Webinar | Purple Mash | 2Simple

In this video, we look at how Purple Mash can be used by parents, at home. For more information or to start your FREE trial, please visit:

Purple Mash for Parents | 2Simple

A special visitor!

Soldier's Psalm

Psalm 91read by pupils from Burnwood Community School

We Shall Remember

Song by Mathews & Hurn. Sung for Remembrance 2020 by pupils of Burnwood Community School.

6AS Artwork 

We have been enjoying the works of author/illustrator Brian Selznick.

The children have been practising different shading techniques to draw illustrations taken from 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret.'

6EM's Stoke City Virtual Player Appearance!

During 6EM's Values vs Violence session we were lucky enough to be joined by 2 first team Stoke City players - Harry Souttar and Nathan Collins. They took part in the lesson and then the children had the opportunity to ask the players questions. They gave our class some fantastic advice about following our dreams. 6EM had a brilliant afternoon!

Screen time tips to support 7-11 yrs (Key stage 2) - Internet Matters

Why not see our top tips to put balance and purpose behind screen time to help children in Key Stage 2 (7-11yrs) benefit from their screen use. Find more at ...


Awards we have achieved so far.