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Burnwood Community School

Working together to achieve our best


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Who's Who


Mrs E Wickham - Head Teacher & Safeguarding Lead

Mrs E Clifford - Deputy Head Teacher & Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Turner - Assistant Head Teacher

Mr A Salt - Assistant Head Teacher

Mr G Colclough - Business & Operations Leader

Miss K Bowyer - Assistant Head (Inclusion/SENCO)




Mrs S Turner - Assistant Head Teacher



RTW - Miss T Wedgwood (Nursery/Reception Phase Leader)

RLW - Mrs L Williams / Mrs S Turner

Willow - Mrs S Mitchell


Year 1

1NR - Mrs N Reynolds 

1SZ - Mrs K Treasure


Year 1/2

1/2AP - Miss A Price (Phase Leader)


Year 2

2JW - Mrs J Walker

2SZ - Miss S Zahoor


Year 3

3EW - Miss E Watson (Phase Leader)

3LT - Miss L Taylor

3NS - Mrs N Sajid 


Year 4

4AS - Mr A Salt

4AU - Mr A Underwood

4JB - Miss J Bradshaw


Year 5

5SJT - Mrs S Jukes-Thornton

5RB - Miss R Butler

5SB - Miss S Bailes


Year 6

6EM - Mrs E Rawson (Phase Leader)

6SM - Mrs S Morris

6KF - Mrs K Fahey


Nurture Lead

Miss V Bolton


Office Team

Mrs A Clarke (Office Manager)

Miss V Corns

Mrs V Proctor

Mrs D Steele


Pastoral & Inclusion Team

Mr W Rawson (Pastoral Lead)

Mrs W Bryan (Home School Link Worker) 

Mrs S Flynn (Safeguarding Officer)

Mrs T Stanway (Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead)

Mrs K Nield (Pastoral Support)


Learning Support

Mrs C Ashby 

Miss K Aubrey

Mrs L Bolton

Miss V Bolton 

Mrs J Boote

Mrs W Brookes

Mrs S Broomfield

Mr N Bryan

Mrs N Connor

Mrs C Cope

Miss L Davidson

Miss E Drakeford

Ms S Farid

Mrs A Headland

Mrs S Hulme

Mrs L Isimeli

Miss S Kilgariff

Miss A Mellor

Mrs L Mellor

Mrs C Oliver

Mrs M Parker 

Mrs P Parsons (Chillzone Lead)

Mrs C Pearson

Mrs T Robertson

Mrs M Ross

Miss K Shaw

Mrs S Shipley

Mrs K Spender

Mrs D Stewart-Pyatt

Mrs J Thompson 

Mrs D Wilkinson

Miss K Wood



Mrs G Peel

Mrs S Shipley

Mrs K Wood



Mr S Warrilow (Premises Manager)

Mrs G Booth (Head Cleaner) 

Mr P Brown (Premises Assistant)

Mrs S Barnett

Mrs J Hughes

Mrs J Langam

Mrs J Mason

Mrs D Tschubenko

Mrs M Wilson 

Mrs V Wilcox



Mrs Z Harrison (Head Cook)

Mrs L Glover

Mrs D Tschbenko

Mrs M Wilson

Mrs K Dobson

Mrs L Daniels

Mr H Price (Catering Consultant)


Lunchtime Supervision

Mrs A Johnson

Mr S Hefferman

Ms S Corns

Mrs A Band

Mrs S Elson


Awards we have achieved so far.