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Year 2

Sports Day

Jubilee Party!

We ended the half term with a Queen's Platinum Jubilee party. We learnt all about the royal family and countries in the Commonwealth. We made flags and crowns to wear, then had a whole school street party to eat our picnic. What an amazing day we had!


Carl, the level ten chocolatologist, came to visit Year 2 to tell us all about where and how chocolate is grown. He told us lots of interesting facts about chocolate. Did you Japan there is an ice flavoured KitKat!! He also shared his top-secret recipes with us! We got to design our own chocolate bar using a variety of confectionary and made a chocolate lolly with a bee design. They were delicious!

Science - Living Things

We have now started to learn all about Living Things and their Habitats. We went on a walk outside to look for things which were alive (birds, trees, flowers), dead (leaf, twig) or things that have never been alive (fence, shed, window). We wrote these into a table and when we got back to the classroom, we recorded our results in a bar chart. 

For World Book Day we all came dressed up as our favourite book character. When we arrived at school, they were no pens...anywhere! They had quit!! So we acted out parts of our story - Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory, we found fractions of different amounts using objects and then had lots of fun painting our favourite things using all the colours from the book - The Day the Crayons Quit! After promising to take better care of our pens and pencils, they luckily decided to come back to us!

Our new topic is called 'Cool Confectionary'. As part of our WOW day, in Design and Technology we made jam tarts - they were very yummy! We also tasted different confectionary and had a go at the oompa loompa dance from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

A special visitor!

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