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Daily Maths Videos, Resources and Activities

22.01.2021 - Maths with Mrs Turner

Recap of Number '3'

NUMBERJACKS | 1, 2, 3, Go

21.01.2021 - Maths with Mrs Turner

Subtracting 1 - 1 less

One Less!! (song for kids about identifying the # that is "ONE LESS")

20.01.2021 - Maths with Mrs Turner

Adding 1

19.01.2021 Maths Challenge

Help the Numberjacks defeat the Numbertaker by making lots of '3'

19.01.2021 - NUMBERJACKS | Being 3 | S1E33

The Numbertaker is taking threes today - but he can't take Numberjack 3.

18.01.2021 - Numberblocks - The Number Three | Learn to Count

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