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Tots and Toys Admissions Policy


Admissions Guidelines:

  • Tots and Toys have spaces for 34 children.

  • The typical start date is at the start of the Autumn term (September). It is at the discretion of Tots and Toys to allow new joiners at other points in the year according to availability.

  • For children attending full day sessions, we will normally take three and four year olds, and two year olds who turn three by 31st December in the school year in which they start. This means they must be at least two years and eight months when they start in September. We do not offer a nap time to children attending full day sessions, so ask parents to consider whether their child is ready for a full day at Tots based on their individual sleep needs.

  • For children attending morning sessions only, we will normally take three and four year olds, and two year olds who turn three by 31st March in the school year in which they start. According to the criteria below, two year olds who turn three by 31st January and older children will have priority for places.

  • Tots and Toys requires parents to book a minimum of 5 sessions per week in order to ensure continuity for the child, staff and other children. These are either AM or PM sessions, but not a mixture.

  • Tots and Toys will also operate a waiting list for places that become available throughout the year.


Criteria for Offering Places at Tots and Toys Pre-School: STAGE ONE:

For places commencing in the September/ Autumn term, priority for places will be given as follows:

1. Children who are already at Tots and Toys who will be continuing with us for the subsequent academic year

2. Children who are already 3 by the start of the Autumn term (1st September)

3. Children who turn 3 during the Autumn term and start of the Spring term, from 1st September to 31st January. Note: Children that fall into this category will also automatically have a place confirmed for the subsequent academic year.


Confirmation: The applications which fall into categories 1, 2 and 3 will be confirmed at the point of submission. During the preceding Summer term prior to the child's start date, parents will be contacted so that their child can attend a taster session at the Pre-School and to organise home visits.



Thereafter, the following priority will be applied for other applications:

4. Children who do not turn 3 until after 31st January. Applications which fall into this category will be logged and placed on a waiting list at the point of application. Note: children that fall into this category will also automatically be registered for the subsequent academic year.


Confirmation: By the end of March preceding the September term start date, parents whose children fall into this category will be contacted and advised of the availability of places for a September start date. Priority will be given based on a combination of the age of the child and the date when the application was made. It is appreciated that some parents whose children fall into this category will prefer to wait until the term after their child turns 3 to accept a place in order to utilise the earl years entitlement grant. Whilst a parent of a child within this category can then opt to wait for a Spring start date for their child, it cannot be guaranteed that this place will be held open if there are other parents who are willing to take up their place in that September. This is because the Pre-School needs to maximise the number of places that are filled for business reasons.


Ad hoc Applications:

Ad hoc applications during a school year can be made at any point. These will be assessed based on the same criteria above. If children currently attending the Pre- school are waiting for extra sessions that come available, a preference will be made to children who will be moving onto school next school year, rather than children who have another year at Pre-school.


Tots and Toys Fees Policy


Our current offer is;

  • 15 hours free place offered to all who are eligible for 2 or 3 year old funding

(8.30am – 11.30am Monday to Friday or 12.15pm – 3.15pm and subject to successful application).

  • 30 hours free (8.30am – 3.15pm, Monday - Friday) for all children who meet the ‘working families’ criteria below. (age 3 and above)

(a contribution of £2 per day / £10 per week to cover lunchtimes)

  • 15 hours free place offered to all who are eligible for 2 or 3 year old funding with a top up of £35 per week for full time.

  • Full time places available for a charge of £70 per week (Subject to child assessment)


  • The level of any fees will be set by the Committee and reviewed annually in the light of the Pre-School’s financial position, its future strategic plans and any other broader economic or social considerations deemed relevant. The current cost of a session can be found within the Fees section of the website.

  • There is no reduction in fees for time off taken during term time.

  • Parents are required to give a half term's notice to reduce the number of sessions attended or terminate their child's place. If a parent does not give the required notice they will be charged the total cost of their booked Pre-School sessions which they are cancelling up to the half-term (a maximum of 7 weeks), minus any notice period that they may have given.

  • Families who believe they meet the criteria for Two year old Early Years Entitlement funding. If the Pre-school does not obtain confirmation of funding by these dates families can expect to receive a bill for the full Pre-school sessions attended.

  • Please note that we expect children receiving the Early Years Entitlement grant to attend for at least 95% of their booked sessions, except for exceptional circumstances such as an extended period of ill health. They also expect children to attend regularly on all their booked days. Failure to follow this guidance may result in your child's grant being reduced or stopped, and the us billing you for the unfunded sessions.

  • An extra late fee of £5 per half hour will be charged to any parents/carers who are more than 10 minutes late collecting a child. This is to cover extra staff costs. This charge will normally be payable on the day, when you collect your child.

  • If you increase your childs hours during the term, you may be eligible for these increased hours to be funded through the Early Years Entitlement Grant. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the total number of hours attended at all settings.

  • If the fees are not paid on time, the Pre-School will notify the parent/carer in writing and request payment at the earliest possible opportunity. The Pre-school Business Manager has the right to issue a formal warning to the parent/carer and inform them that continued late payment will result in their childs place at the Pre-School being forfeited. In addition, fee payments that are not paid within 60 days will become subject to an interest charge of 8%. After 90 days of non-payment, the Pre-school will commence debt recovery through the Small Claims court for the fees owing, plus interest and a debt recovery charge of £40.


Parents/carers are encouraged to speak to the Pre-school Business Manager if they have any query about the fees policy, or if, for any reason, they are likely to have difficulty in making a payment on time. Parents/carers are strongly advised to arrange a meeting at the earliest possible opportunity, to avoid jeopardising their childs place at the Pre-School.